Tea Party-Party

This November we celebrated Gabrielle's 23rd Birthday with our annual Tea Party, complete with treats, teaotties* and a our puppy posse. #packlove

We're grateful for Gabrielle!
- Abigail and Isabelle 



It is winter. Believe me, I know. But I am experiencing a photo overload from the holidays and facing my age old blogging problem of getting out posting practice Then always thinking man i gotta post those other pics before these--meanwhile taking a ton of photos. 
Today I'm doing a fall-outfit 3 for 1 to seal off the fall semester. 
The leaves were beautiful, the weather was fine and I got to bike Everywhere! This is what I wore:

 Sweater from TJ Max. Lingerie top from Macy's. Pants from Delia's (back in the day!) Pumpa shoes On Sale Booya- New Favorites. #lavander

This jumpers is a YoyoSew original design which has become my "yoyuform"for mixed weather days. My semester is also (happily) packed with a daily need for stretchy clothes (ballet, yoga, and aerobics for a particle credit YEA!) but I can't rock leggings-as-pants every freakyleaking day. These little pullovers are perfect for my bike-commute, keeping my core warm while allowing my legs to breath. I Love Onsies. For reals. It really just allows me to go to classes feeling cute, but covered up. And I like that I can play with personality with my layers.

The white knit with pockets was my Grammies,
The scarf is from Grocery Outlet,
Beanie is was Ryans,
tights are red.

 this is my jumping face. 

Please meet some pretty cool Keds. They are rubber, and rain-wonderful and possibly the most perfect shoe for city view Pacific Northwest. Also they were snagged on sale for.. like eight dollars.. so they officially make my magic shoe list. 

Paired with Target "jeans"
butterfly print top (which I cut into two pieces later that day) 
a super comfy sports bra,
Dakine beanie
and my Grammies flannel which has turned sleeveless and refitted with my inheritance. I love the delicate flower detailing along the collar, of course, my Grammie had style. 
all under my Spanking New Snowboard Jacket made by Ride Snowboards. I finally got myself organized enough to dig into DogFunk during the summer for super sales on last years lines. This was the first day it was cold enough to rock the Coat with a capital and 10K after staring at it all summer above my snowboards. Snow Snow Snow Snow. 


Bringing Fancy-Back

I love fall, but I also love all the wonderful fancy-backs that came out last season. Here is my attempt at a solution. This lace hoody is one of my wardrobe stables and so is the black slip dress, I'm surprised it too me this long to combine favorites. The lace is perfection for bike riding--to cover up without overheating. I bought it back in high school in a Montana mall of all places, but in the last few years it has been yoyoed again and again as it slowly tries to fall apart. The dress is from LF in New Orleans. Shoes are boy's Cherokee brand at Target, on sale for 7 bucks! And the DC snapback is hammy-down from my Ryan. He collects hats like I do shoes and he's wonderful about sharing. 

happy fall!
Yoyo & Wizle


Batik Bricks

 One of my favorite summer traditions is my trip home to Montana. I love the drive—the forced 13 hours of daydreaming and road trip treats. I love my family and they always make such a big deal of my visit—letting me pick the restaurants and movies. But during the inevitable down time I face as everyone continues their life at home I get to raid closets. I always talk about going home and reuniting with all of last seasons wardrobe rejects which always seem brand new after a year out of sight.  Although my closet brings an annual reunion, my mother’s closets seem to bury treasure which they mystically reveal time and again, like a portal to her past and (lucky me!) my (fashion) future! 

 This August’s wardrobe raid was particularly fruitful as I pulled from the basement closet treasury a variety of circa 1970s maxi dresses including a Mexican wedding dress, two traditional Batik tops and two equally embellished wrap skirts. I also snagged her beaded jean jacket (shirt?) and a vintage full length, lacy slip I wish I could live in—though I’d have to be a Greek Goddess to get away with it. These days Goddess time is apartment time, but I’m not complaining.

                     I tied on a gold chain for good measure. 

The denim shirt I’ve got on is actually totally a cotton-soft faker but I love it. I think it hails from TJMax. I’m sure the Blowfish slippers came from there because it was a memorable magic shoe experience: Magic Shoe is when you come across a beautiful shoe and it’s the only one they have and it fits you pretty foot perfectly! and you have to have it. There is extra precious magic if it’s on sale, which these were, for $8! And, no jokes, they are the most comfy shoes on the face of this planet; they feel like they were fitted to my feet by Mother Earth herself.

 The purse is Coach. My one and only designer anything (with the exception of Jeffery Campbell—the god). I was lucky enough to snag it for some 40 dolla? at Urban Exchange (Pac ave. Tac town. Get some). For such a simple little satchel its amazing at purse organization and closes up tight for a night on the town. (Party-Purses. Can I get an AMEN?)

I hope fall is greeting you sweetly! Thanks for stopping by,


Yoyo & Wizle