Bringing Fancy-Back

I love fall, but I also love all the wonderful fancy-backs that came out last season. Here is my attempt at a solution. This lace hoody is one of my wardrobe stables and so is the black slip dress, I'm surprised it too me this long to combine favorites. The lace is perfection for bike riding--to cover up without overheating. I bought it back in high school in a Montana mall of all places, but in the last few years it has been yoyoed again and again as it slowly tries to fall apart. The dress is from LF in New Orleans. Shoes are boy's Cherokee brand at Target, on sale for 7 bucks! And the DC snapback is hammy-down from my Ryan. He collects hats like I do shoes and he's wonderful about sharing. 

happy fall!
Yoyo & Wizle


Batik Bricks

 One of my favorite summer traditions is my trip home to Montana. I love the drive—the forced 13 hours of daydreaming and road trip treats. I love my family and they always make such a big deal of my visit—letting me pick the restaurants and movies. But during the inevitable down time I face as everyone continues their life at home I get to raid closets. I always talk about going home and reuniting with all of last seasons wardrobe rejects which always seem brand new after a year out of sight.  Although my closet brings an annual reunion, my mother’s closets seem to bury treasure which they mystically reveal time and again, like a portal to her past and (lucky me!) my (fashion) future! 

 This August’s wardrobe raid was particularly fruitful as I pulled from the basement closet treasury a variety of circa 1970s maxi dresses including a Mexican wedding dress, two traditional Batik tops and two equally embellished wrap skirts. I also snagged her beaded jean jacket (shirt?) and a vintage full length, lacy slip I wish I could live in—though I’d have to be a Greek Goddess to get away with it. These days Goddess time is apartment time, but I’m not complaining.

                     I tied on a gold chain for good measure. 

The denim shirt I’ve got on is actually totally a cotton-soft faker but I love it. I think it hails from TJMax. I’m sure the Blowfish slippers came from there because it was a memorable magic shoe experience: Magic Shoe is when you come across a beautiful shoe and it’s the only one they have and it fits you pretty foot perfectly! and you have to have it. There is extra precious magic if it’s on sale, which these were, for $8! And, no jokes, they are the most comfy shoes on the face of this planet; they feel like they were fitted to my feet by Mother Earth herself.

 The purse is Coach. My one and only designer anything (with the exception of Jeffery Campbell—the god). I was lucky enough to snag it for some 40 dolla? at Urban Exchange (Pac ave. Tac town. Get some). For such a simple little satchel its amazing at purse organization and closes up tight for a night on the town. (Party-Purses. Can I get an AMEN?)

I hope fall is greeting you sweetly! Thanks for stopping by,


Yoyo & Wizle


Sunny Evening - Old Town

 Isabelle and I have been struggling to beat the recent heat. I loved summer, and enjoyed a lot of sun, but it is September and I'm hate having hissyfits everyday when I get to my biking destination and cannot get my layers off fast enough! I'm in Washington and I'd like the weather to start acting like it.

But then theres always Ruston Way, a perfect play ground for a sunny day, and we lucked out with a free concert afterwords! My ballet teacher informed our class that African drummers Thione Diop and Yeke Yeke West would be preforming at Old Town Park that night. It was such a fun show, lots of families and warm grass and I especially loved the dance accompaniment, both by the gorgeous pro and the audience members she reeled in.

Before the concert Iz and I cruised up and down Ruston's board-walk area and got these outfit pics. Iz found something deliciously dead to roll in while I was hopping around so she was banished from our blanket at the park. Nothing a good scrubbing can't solve.

I hope your enjoying the lingerings of summer time! Its almost SNOW SEASON!!

xx Abigial and Isabelle



 I grew up in an optimal childhood environment. Our house neighbored a park and behind the park was this church: the perfect place to peddle my first tricycle, stumble around on strap on skates and eventually attempt to skateboard. My brother, father and I would spend hours rolling round and round, there were several slants built for wheel chair access of varying degrees which we shot down with exceptional speed.

Unfortunately the slants have been built back to the sidewalk leaving a single ramp to roll down. Which I did, over and over, just like old times until I was hot and bored--a boredom, I regret, comes with the lack of attention in adulthood.

Either way I got to play with my wonderful WOODY (Arbor) in a memorable place and recognized in myself an advanced ability to roll about compared to my early days. Some things are changing for the better.

bralet - cut from a cami
body suit - 4ever21
jeans - target
shoes - boys size 5 - Target (Clearance!)

yay yay have a great day!

xx yoyo



On August 17th I turned 23. It is a very exciting birthday for me because 23 has been my lucky number for almost 10 years and as far as faith goes I have a big belief in numbers.  Someday I'll go into my personal numberology but its somewhat extensive and may or may not make me seem a lil' cra'cra but you gotta believe in something, Right?
Anyway-this post is dedicated to the day (and a little of the day before): My dad and I packed up and went to Wyoming on a spontaneous adventure so I could wake up in the wilderness on the 17th. It was a great idea, such an amazing time, and I picked up some skills on the mini trip--some fly fishing of course but I also cleaned my first fish and then cooked it with the backpacking stove (b-day gift from dat papa bear). We got back to Montana in the afternoon and opened some sweet gifts then had Breakfast 4 Dinner at my parents home on the Big Horn River, complete with birthday cake, of course. 

 Trail Head, August 16th.

We caught a cut throat and brown trout. When my dad ended them I cried (more rolling tears than sob sob). I was unable to do it myself, but determined to learn how its done. We said a prayer, thanking the fish and the earth for nourishing us. My dad comforted my tears with a hope that someday we'll be fish food! Circle of life and all. 

I spent the last years of high school and the first half of college sticking strictly to a vegitarian diet, even going as far as vegan for a solid 9 months through freshmen year, mostly thanks to the amazing cooking skills of my dear Lauren B. But during my year away working every day on Crystal Mountain I was always hungry and often unable to turn down (the thankfully often) free food. My diet became un-strict, while my physic became tight and strong, and although I retained an amount guilt, I felt the social ease of just eating what was served. When I got back to school I didn't want to proclaim myself veg or carnivore or any kind of eater anymore, I just wanted to nourish my body and give it what it needs and wants. 

I remained, however, conscious of all my reasons for avoiding meat and continue to really only cook or order fish because I feel like as far as my food chain goes, I'm most inclined to eat fish. Fish are the only creature I believe I could kill (and would not want to cuddle) and although I haven't yet killed one, I've now learned to catch, clean and cook one. This brings me as close as I can to the actual process of eating meat--interacting with the animal as an animal rather than a frozen piece of meat shaped like a dinosaur. I think that this detachment is a huge issue with the meat industry and meat eaters, and I believe that if we were all require to kill for our meat intake some balance would be restored in our world. We share the planet, we need to stop trying to rule it. 

So! Our quick and easy backpack fish recipe was just:
Tin foil and oil heated over flame. Add cleaned fish. Pepper upside with cajan seasoning (c/o my uncle Paul!) and flip after a few minutes. Pepper new up-side with the seasoning and cook until skin falls right off/the meat slides easily off the bones. I like to add lemon juice too since I add lemon to everything, but spice to taste and eat from the pan. Watch out for bones! 

We ate our fish with a side of Louisiana Red Beans and Rice from Backpacking Pantry -- lightweight, delicious backpacking food made easily from boiled water. It was a perfect compliment of our catch of the day and made for an amazing dinner in the dirt. 

 Happy Birthday to ME morning. 

 I love my blueberry eggs! 
so does Izzy! 

just a bit of birthday Yoga... in the river meadow!

 All packed up and ready to walk. Just Me and My Dad.
 and Isabelle..

 above: birthday goodies c/o my loving, spoiling parents.
below: a beautiful cake (mother made!) - moments before the Wish..

I love August and this one has already been especially stupendous. Enjoy the heat! xx Abigail